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Episode 9

Published on:

20th Aug, 2021

Episode 8

Published on:

13th Aug, 2021

Episode 7

Published on:

6th Aug, 2021

Episode 6

Published on:

30th Jul, 2021

Episode 5

Published on:

23rd Jul, 2021

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About the Podcast

Ethos of Aid
A space to explore the beautiful, messy, human and social nature of field-level humanitarian work
Hi, my name is Kimber Vradenburg, and I've been a humanitarian practitioner for over 20 years. I love this work, because it continually asks me to reflect, grow, give the best of myself and live in my integrity. Specifically, I love working with practitioners in the field serving their own communities. They are the people upon whom every humanitarian effort depends. They are also systemically undervalued. Over two decades I’ve worked with these incredible practitioners, meeting as people with as much to learn from one another as to give recipients of aid, honouring each context for its unique labyrinth of beliefs, values, social, cultural and religious norms, histories and systems, while being of service together. This is our way. This is our way of being and doing this beautifully complex and deeply personal work. The ethos of aid.

This podcast is a space to share narratives, amplify the voices of field practitioners, continue the juicy dialogue, and our collective growth about how best to serve recipients of aid.

Whether you’re a practitioner or outside the sector entirely, you’ll benefit from the perspectives. Episodes will release every Friday; either solo or with guests and you’ll find us everywhere you access podcasts, including Apple, Spotify, Google and Amazon.

If you have a comment or a question, or you'd like to be a guest or subscribe, please do so at kimbervradenburg.com, or @kimbervradenburg on Instagram or on the Ethos of Aid FB Page.

I’m excited! Welcome, and thank you for listening!

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